Hey everyone, welcome back to another one of our awesome posts. Today will be short, we just wanted to write about the New Crown 3 Sub Ohm Tank that is will hit stores in the next few weeks. It looks absolutely gorgeous, but we don’t know how it will perform yet. Most of us know that the Crown 2 was no so good, the coils were horrible, no offense Uwell but they were. I am sure the overwhelming complaints made that very clear to them. They did attempt to fix the coils but it was too late, the community was already pissed and turned off. The vape buyers out there are very critical and when they don’t like something you can be sure they will let the company know as well as everyone on social media. That is the norm these days. The Crown 3 seems to have a completely redesigned coil system, thank g**. This is what everyone will be waiting to see. Uwell can not afford to put out another Tank that has bunk coils. This is pretty much their last chance to get it right. You can’t release 2 Tanks in a row with bad coils. Now, the Crown 3 comes in 5 beautiful colors, Iridescent which is Rainbow, Sapphire Blue, Black, Stainless Steel, and my favorite the Matte Black. I think this is the first Sub Ohm Tank that has that color. They also come with special drip tips, well colored tips. You will not be able to control the color of the Tip from what we have been told. You get what you get. The coils come in two types, a .25 ohm and a .5 ohm, both parallel coils. They are sending me 2 sample Tank to try out. I am very excited to sway the least. They were supposed to arrive today but USPS is slacking so I guess it will be tomorrow. I will update this after I get to try it out.

If you want o pick this Tank up we suggest checking out The Best Vape. They have only been around for about 6 months but they are very popular for their very low prices, outstanding customer service, and super fast order processing and shipping. You can see the Crown 3 Sub Ohm Tank on their site and I think you can even reserve one. This option is for people who want a specific color and don’t want to take the chance they sell out. Or this is for people who don’t like checking 10-20 websites a day to see if they are in stock. You can just reserve it and you are done. Ok I think I am done, I said what I wanted and that is it. Thanks for coming by and enjoy your day.