Today we wanted to review a local Boca Raton iPhone Repair Shop that is completely fantastic. They did such a good job that we wanted to write about them on our site. When we initially were searching for these repair shop we came across tons of them in this area. Most of them seemed to just want my money and didn’t really care about my phone or providing good customer service. So we called iPhone Is Broken and spoke to one of the employees for about a half hour. They were super friendly and really wanted to make us feel comfortable about the repair. They informed us on what to expect, how long the repair would take, the full pricing with nothing hidden, and tons of other information that no other company gave us or took the time to go over. This really set them apart from the rest of the repair shops. We finally decided to bring them the iPhone later that day. When we walked in were were greeted by a very nice lady who took our name and the purpose of our visit. About 10 minutes later we were steered to the side desk and asked what was going on with the phone. After about 5 minutes of going over everything they wrote us a ticket and told us to come back in 2 hours. We thought that was really fast and we were super happy. It was about 1 1/2 hours later when we got a email from them that the phone was fixed and ready to be picked up. Note, we did not pay yet, the fee is taken once it is repaired and the customer is satisfied with the service.

Quick Note – This is what the iPhone looked like before the repair


We got there and they handed us the phone. After examining it we decided it was pretty much perfect and paid them. Then we turned on the phone and tried all the buttons and features. It all worked perfectly, nothing at al wrong still and it looked like a brand new iPhone.

After The Repair


As you can see it looks absolutely spectacular  Nothing wrong and no scratches  just excellent. We were so happy with the repair job and service that we decided to write this review. So, if you recently dropped your iPhone or any phone at all and want to get t fixed, then you definitely need to check out for more information. make sure to mention that you read this review because we are now really friendly with the owner and he might just give you a few dollars of the cost of the repair. SO say you saw them on eahsamalta2012 ok? Thanks for reading this and hope you have a great day.