Hello everyone, hope you all are having a great week. Today I am going to be writing about an awesome Vape Site that posts reviews, deals, and everything in between. They are working on being one of the best online vape shops, but for now they are just doing reviews. They have a great Horizon Tech Arctic Tank Review on the site now that you can check out if you click the link I just posted. They had ab out 80 reviews online but they are in the process of designing the site again and wanted to make it as easy as possible with the least amount of content there. That being said, these guys are really one of a kind. he reviews they do are brutally honest and not influenced at all buy any outside factors. They do not take free stuff or any compensation to edit or alter a review, and they never will. That is vert rare in the Online Review Space, as most people and bloggers write reviews for either free stuff or money. These guys are just trying to make it easy for consumers to make purchases, by giving buyers good information that is both educational and informative. If they say something about a product then you can be sure that it is their honest opinion and most of the time it will be true. Before I make any purchases online that has to do with Vape Stuff, whether it be a tank, rda, mod, or e juice, I check their site first to see if they have a review of it before I even consider buying it. The only thing you can really ask for when reading reviews online is honesty, because if you are not getting that then it’s pretty much useless. I have tons of faith when it comes to the site called The Best Vape because they are honest no matter what. The problem comes when people get somewhat popular and they vape companies start sending them stuff to review. Once that happens there tends to be a shift in the type of reviews being posted. And we mean that instead of someone saying that this equipment sucks, they now say its pretty good, and they say this because they were sent the stuff for free to review. You see what I am saying? Ok now that we understand that, now you can get why I believe the guys over at The Best Vape are so awesome, and that is because they do not let anyone or anything dictate what they say about the products they test and review.